"Afro Dance Groove"
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  1. Rhumba - Warm up 4:34 Rhythm of Cuba (Arranged by Leon Mobley)
  2. Funk Attack 4:57 Composed by Leon Mobley
  3. Socene 5:16 Arranged by Leon Mobley
  4. Sunu 5:04 Arranged by Leon Mobley
  5. 6/8 4:52 Composed by Leon Mobley
  6. Soca 5:40 Arranged by Leon Mobley
  7. Cool Down 4:41 Composed by Leon Mobley
  8. Soca - Dance track 2:27 Arranged by Leon Mobley
  9. Soul Chikatetsu - Bonue track 2:04 Composed by Teruyuki Kokubu Played by Sooo Baad Revue

-- Total 41minutes English / Sub-audio (Japanese) --

Tomoko Yanagida

Tomoko Yanagida

dancer, choreographer, researcher
Studied choreography and performance, and Dance

Ethnology at UCLA and got M.A. in Dance.
Teaching and performing West African dance and keep visiting West Africa for studying dance and fieldwork.

Publication : “Africa no Taikode Odorou” Ongakunotomo Sha
“African Dance Nyumon” Ski Journal Sha

Production : CD “Afro Dance Groove” © 2012 DJIMBE RECORDS
DVD “Afro Dance Groove” ©2016 WalkTalk Inc.


Tomoko Yanagida

dancer, vocalist

1994: born in Fujisawa city.
Traveling West Africa with her mother(dancer, dance ethnologist) and father(vocalist, djembe drummer)since 2 years old.
Taking African dance lessons under Abdoulaye Dakite and Tauco Sissoko since 3 years old.
2014: graduated from Lakeland University Japan, got associate degree.
2016: got a teacher's certificate of Afro Dance Groove

Afro Dance Groove - Regular Lesson

The date and time
Class1. Tuesday 7:15~8:15pm
Class2. Tuesday 8:30~9:30pm
Class3. Wednesday 7:30~8:30pm
The place
Noah studio Shinjyuku “L1 or L2 studio”
* Access
** Please don't inquire of the Noah studio about our lessons. **
1 lesson \2,500
Membership fee \5,000
* Trial lesson ¥2,000 (Please make an appointment)
Tomoko Yanagida , Nayuta
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